Academic Goals

  • To promote high academic standards in all subject areas for all
  • To develop responsible citizens who foster the growth of
  • To create a supportive environment where everyone is both teacher and
  • To teach skills essential to teamwork and prosocial
  • To foster the growth and development of the whole
  • To address emotions explicitly as elements that regulate our interactions with the physical, social, and internal
  • To continually develop, implement and assess methods to generate positive emotional energy around learning and contributing to a vibrant learning
  • To develop leadership skills through Stephen Covey’s 7 

Grading Expectations

Students will be graded on the successful mastering of Pennsylvania State Common Core Standards and the Pennsylvania Academic State Standards. Teachers will distribute report cards at Learning Partnership meetings and will discuss students’ progress throughout the year. These meetings are noted on the school calendar.

Academic Notifications

Parents/Guardians have access to academic records in “real time” with their own protected password. Account information including username, password, and student ID is obtained at Back to School Night and Learning Partnership meetings. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring the academic progress of their children and attending scheduled Learning Partnership meetings. Families can expect that teachers will communicate any concerns or issues in performance when a student is in danger of doing poorly and/or failing a class.

Homebound Instruction

Such instruction may be provided when a student has been excused from compulsory attendance under 22 Pa. Code Sec. 11.25 due to temporary mental or physical illness or other urgent reasons. Temporary excusals may not exceed three months. A charter school may seek approval from the PA Department of Education to extend this instruction beyond three months upon re-evaluation. Homebound instruction is distinguished from “instruction in the home” which is an alternative placement option for a student with disability(s) who requires full-time education services and programs outside the school setting for the entire day. Parents/Guardians should contact UPCCS K-5’ administration for information regarding students who qualify for homebound instruction due to medical or other reasons.

Student Awards

Students will be recognized for academic achievement throughout the school year. Students who have consistently excelled academically and socially will be recognized at the awards assemblies held twice per year.

Student Promotion

Students will be promoted on the student’s ability to successfully meet the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards and the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Students will be offered remediation opportunities throughout the year.


Teacher-made tests, designed to evaluate the progress of students, are given regularly. Standardized testing is conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and UPCCS K-5 during various times throughout the school year. UPCCS will evaluate students using the DIBELS, 4-Sight and NWEA MAP assessments. During statewide testing periods attendance is strongly encouraged, please see the calendar for the schedule of these tests.

Pursuant to Section 4.4 of Chapter 4, a parent or guardian may excuse their child from either Assessment if, upon inspection of the testing materials, they find an Assessment to be in conflict with their religious beliefs. This, along with extraordinary measures due to pandemic mandates, is the only basis for a parent or guardian to excuse his or her child from the Assessment.

Two weeks prior to each testing window, each Assessment must be made available for review by parents or guardians. Parents and guardians will be informed of the Exclusion from Assessments Policy via the Charter School’s website and/or PSSA information handouts. To request such an exemption, please contact the Principal in writing.