Parent Advisory Committee [PAC]

PAC Advisor: Mrs. Allen

The Purpose of this organization is to:

  • Encourage parents to assist with various activities/functions/services
  • Provide financial support/assistance where needs are identified
  • Foster a community atmosphere
  • Support the mission and vision of the school and school district

PAC is a parent run organization that bridges the gap between parents and teachers/staff. Our mission is to empower parents to support their children and their children’s school by creating family and community enriching events, increasing financial support, and promoting parent engagement within the school. The committee meets seven months out of the school year beginning in Oct. – Dec. then we will start back up again Feb-May. Every meeting is not mandatory but please attend as many as you can. We have PAC sponsored activities to incorporate Parent, Student & Staff collaborative engagement. In this committee you have a voice and can let the school know firsthand your questions, concerns, thoughts and opinions. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Allen  – PAC Advisor

Cultural Equity and Accountability Committee [CEA]

Mission of CEA:

Our mission is to unite our school in pursuit of a just and equitable educational experience for our students. Our goal is to present opportunities that promote the acceptance of self and others, understand diverse backgrounds, and build a culture of acceptance and accountability. We commit to supporting staff, parents, students, and community members to create an environment of mutual respect and accountability.

CEA oversees sub-committees with specific goals to make Urban Pathways a more equitable place.  These committees are made up of teachers, staff, parents and students.  ANYONE is welcome to join our sub-committees.  If you are interested, please email the sub-committee chair for more information.  Thank you so much.

Policies and Procedures Committee

Chair: Yolanda Snyder,

This committee will analyze and develop human capital policies and procedures that promote culture and equity in teacher hiring, professional development structures, staff retention and leadership opportunities. 

Culturally Responsible Curriculum Committee

Chair: Ashley Wagner,

This committee will look at current curricula and investigate it to see if it is culturally responsive for our students.  We will work to find resources and training for teachers to learn how to be more culturally responsive and apply it to their classrooms. I would like to use the Dr. Dickie materials and bring in more outside sources to ensure our curriculum is well-rounded and includes anti-racist and activist style teachings. I also think we could talk about aligning leadership day (if we still have it) around these teachings and create a PBL for students in each grade. We will decide our official goals together and everyone will have a voice in the direction of the group. Overall, we hope to make our curriculum match our students needs and interests while ensuring teachers have the resources they need to do so.

Community Outreach Committee

Chairs: La’Tasha Allen, & Jennifer Floodstrom,

The vision for this committee is for it to be a uniting force for parents, students, staff, and our community. We envision after school programs for students that allow them to explore and build on their talents. We plan to serve our families and community members by inviting them to be learners AND teachers alongside their children. Beyond the Urban Pathways building, we will enter the communities of our students as well, in order to build bonds with families. One end goal would be for more parents and community members to choose an active role in the PAC, classrooms, or in other capacities within the school.

Heritage Celebration Committee

Chair: Gina Marie Potter,

The Heritage Celebrations Committee will be responsible for creating fun and engaging social learning opportunities and/or activities among staff and volunteers, parents, and students.