School Information

School Hours

8:15 am – 3:15 pm

Attendance Policies

Students arriving at school…

Will have their attendance recorded as…

Before 8:15


8:16-10:00 am

Tardy to School

10:01-12:00 pm

Half-Day absent

12:01 pm – dismissal

Full-Day absent

Early Dismissal

Parents seeking early dismissal of students must present a note to the school office the morning of the requested early dismissal listing the following: date, time, reason for dismissal, who is picking up the child and a legal custodial signature with a phone number to confirm the early dismissal. 

Students leaving school before 12:00 p.m. will be marked “Half-Day Absence” if they are not returning to school


On any day that a student is going to be absent, the parent/guardian should contact the school office on the morning of the absence with the child’s name, grade, and reason for the absence. Please call the school office each day the student is absent. Parents/guardians should submit a written explanation for any absence within THREE (3) calendar days of the absence. If parents/guardians fail to provide a written excuse within THREE (3) days of the absence, the absence will be permanently counted as unlawful.


School Visitors

The UPCCS K5 administration is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of all children, staff, and visitors of the school district. UPCCS K5 Charter School uses walk-through and/or hand-held metal detectors in the school building or on “school grounds.” Persons entering a school building or attending a school activity will be subject to screenings with a metal detector device. Persons that do not consent to a metal detection screening may be denied admittance.

Dress Code

    1. Students will wear the school uniform from the first day of school until the last day of school. See grid below for specific uniform details.
    2. On specific, pre-determined, non-uniform days i.e. “dress down days”:
      1. No hats or caps are permitted to be worn in the school building
      2. No sandals or flip-flops of any kind are permissible
      3. All undershirts/undergarments must be tucked in
      4. Garments should not be “see-thru,” sleeveless or strapless
    3. Bandanas cannot be worn at school AT ANY TIME.
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Face Masks


Polo shirt

Navy Blue or White polo shirt; short or long sleeved, with the UP logo displayed; shirt will be worn tucked inside of pants. Shirts should not display undergarments.


Khaki or Navy Blue dress trousers; pressed, fitted and worn at waist. Trousers cannot be rolled, baggy or display undergarments.

Knee length Khaki or Navy Blue shorts may be worn with any of the acceptable uniform shirts


Solid White, Navy Blue, or Black; height must be above the ankle minimum. .


In the event of inclement weather, boots/galoshes may be worn TO school, but not worn IN school (please provide a change of shoes). No open toed shoes, heels, or sandals of any kind.


Standard belt, Black or Brown in color.


Plaid Jumper, or a Navy Blue or Khaki colored jumper.

Jumpers must be worn with Blouse, Modesty Shorts, and Tights. Blouses must have the school logo displayed on the collar.

Modesty shorts should be solid Navy Blue or Black and tights should be solid Navy Blue, Black or White.

Skirt/ Skorts

Navy Blue or Khaki, modesty shorts must be worn underneath skirts; they should be solid Navy Blue or Black.


Navy Blue, must have the school logo displayed on the outside.




Navy Blue, must have school logo displayed on the outside


Navy Blue, must have school logo displayed on the outside


Black t-shirt must have the school logo displayed on the shirt

Hooded Sweatshirt

Navy Blue must have the school logo displayed on the hooded sweatshirt May not wear the hood up while in the school for any reason if they do they will be required to remove the hooded sweatshirt entirely, school uniform shirt should still be worn underneath


Earrings may be stud or hoops no larger than .5 inch in diameter. Necklaces or chains may not be more than .08 inch in diameter. Decorative headbands cannot reach a height more than .5 inch off of the top of the head. Any accessory that is oversized, excessive, or can be considered a distraction will not be permitted.




Dress Code Violations

Consequences for uniform violations can include: parents can be asked to bring items to school when the student is out of uniform, students can be denied a privilege or incentive, and a notice will be sent home.


All UPCCS K-5 students are provided transportation by the home school district. Any questions/concerns related to the transportation of students should be directed to the Transportation Department of the home school district or Ms. Allen at (412) 325-4075.

Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH)

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act was established in 1987 and amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. The Act defines the term “homeless children and youths” as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence.

The federal mandate ensures that homeless children and youth have access to the same free and appropriate public education as other children. Children who are homeless may qualify for assistance with school lunch, school supplies, tutoring and transportation so that they can remain in their school of origin.

 If you believe that your child may qualify for this service, please contact:


UPCCS K-5 encourages families to be active in our school community and volunteering is one of the ways families can be involved. Before participating as a volunteer at the school, all parents, guardians, and other adults must first submit child abuse and criminal background clearances as required by state and federal law. Requirements, forms, and instructions are available at the main office.

Behavior Philosophy and Code of Conduct

UPCCS K-5 has developed a school wide behavior support plan designed to encourage positive and productive behaviors and to handle infractions in a consistent and fair manner with a constant goal of returning the student to active engagement in the classroom if possible. Discipline is an integral part of teaching and learning. Young people must develop good work habits and attitudes if they are to be successful students and become successful members of the larger community. UPCCS K-5 promotes constructive and respectful behavior through the procedures and consequences. 


Students will be issued textbooks or workbooks in various classes. Each student will be assigned a particular book numbered specifically for him/her. Students who damage or lose textbooks or workbooks will be required to pay the cost for them.

Field Trips

Parental permission slips are required for each pupil who participates in this instructional activity. The principal will decide the appropriate dress code. Since a field trip is primarily a learning experience, the time spent is considered part of the regular school day. Parents/Guardians are expected to support the academic program of UPCCS K-5 by making certain that students are well prepared and attend all field trips scheduled. Children who have poor conduct/attendance may not be allowed to participate in this academic learning experience.

Student Records

UPCCS K-5 will not release or disclose any student information without parental or legal guardian permission unless allowed to do so pursuant to applicable state and federal laws. Questions regarding the disclosure of student information must be directed to the Principal and must conform to UPCCS K- 5’s student records/confidentiality policies. A copy of this policy can be obtained by written request to the Principal.

School Plans