Frequently Asked Questions

How do charter schools work?

Charter schools are public schools operating under an independent contract or “charter” with an authorizing agency—typically a non-profit organization, government agency or university.  The charter provides the school with operational autonomy to pursue specific educational objectives regarding curriculum, staff, and budget. It also holds them accountable to the same (often higher) standards of their district public school peers.

Are charter schools public schools?

Yes, charter schools are independently-operated, public schools. Charter schools provide a high-quality education option to public school students, upholding high standards that meet and often exceed the district and state metrics.

Does Urban Pathways charge tuition?

No, we are a charter school and tuition is free.

Do charter schools have attendance boundaries?

Charter schools do not have traditional school boundaries like district schools, which allows many charter schools to attract a diverse student body. Charter schools are restricted by state limits and some have city limits as well.

Does Urban Pathways require students to wear a school uniform? 

Yes. Students are required to wear a uniform. 

Who can apply to Urban Pathways?

Urban Pathways is a public charter school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnic origin, intellectual ability or disability, or athletic ability. Students are considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

What makes Urban Pathways Unique?

Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter has smaller class sizes, more individual attention to students, and a disciplined environment. Our students wear uniforms to keep the emphasis on learning and not on fashion.